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Golf FAQs

Although beginner golfers are encouraged to ask questions, many feel ashamed to do so, falsely thinking that they would be laughed at or considered uninformed. This is of course not true and all golfers including the pros had to learn the basics at some point of their lives. On the other hand, it is a good idea to learn as much as possible on your own. We will therefore answer some of the most frequently asked questions by beginner golfers.

What is par, eagle, birdie and bogey?

They are among the most frequently used golf terms which, however, don’t mean much if you don’t know anything about golf other than you are supposed to get the ball into the cup with as few strokes as possible. And this is where the mentioned terms step in. You see, all refer to how successful you were in completing a hole. Par refers to the number of strokes in which you are supposed to complete the hole. If you complete it with fewer (which is by the way very difficult), you have an eagle. If you needed one stroke more than par, you have a birdie. If you have a bogey, it means you needed two strokes more than par.

How do I keep track of scores?

To determine how well you have performed, simply write down the number of strokes per hole on your scorecard.

What is handicap?

Handicap refers to an amateur golfer’s level of skill or the number of strokes above par necessary over the course. Therefore, the lower is your handicap the better. But unless you plan to play on sanctioned tournaments, you don’t need to worry about your handicap.

How much does a round of golf cost?

As you probably already know, golf is a quite expensive sport. How much you will be charged for a round of golf, however, varies greatly from one course to another. But don’t worry, there are many courses in the UK with highly accessible fees.

Is there a dress code to be followed on the golf course?

This depends on where you plan to go golfing. Many golf courses have a dress code but some don’t. Also, some are less strict than the others. You are recommended to inform yourself on dress code in advance.

What is tee time?

Tee time refers to a reservation at a golf course. Not all golf courses require from you to reserve tee time but many do. Again, check in advance.

Do I need golf lessons to learn to play the sport?

Yes and no. There are golfers who actually learned to play golf all by themselves but it is also true that they form a small group of minority. It is therefore a very good idea to book beginner lessons at your local pro.

How much do golf lessons cost?

It is very hard to speak about numbers because the fees vary greatly. The cost depends on expertise of the instructor, the facility for which he or she works and the duration.